Friday, March 24, 2017

Final Connections: Space, Perception, and Final Decisions

These groups of images are shown together here simply because they exist within the same series of processes that were necessary at the end of the project. Jessica's spring break plans for the "portal" went very smoothly and therein underwent yet another transformation to further bring the space and project together. As you can see Jessica put the "portal" through a series of transformations until one seemed to make the most sense. In the end it is clearly evident that the final image leads the viewer to believe that from some other singularly dimensional plane, a new existence of color, shape, and perception has emerged. This particular section of the installation is probably the most transparent representation of the use perspective theory to better understand planes and existences we cannot perceive literally. Ultimately with the finalizing of these lines and "virtual" spaces we can come to a better understanding, as a viewer, exactly what a "hyper-structure" truly is.