This project aims to foster cross-disciplinary initiatives enabling forms of collaboration among science, music, philosophy, and new media. Fostering a collective environment vital for contemporary practices, these sessions will take place inside the installation space, promoting different interpretations of the work while presenting other visions and appropriations of the piece.

Friday, March 31, 5-8pm
Opening Reception/ Artist Talk

This ambitious endeavor occupies the entire AEIVA lobby, Hess Family Lecture Hall, gallery concourse and atrium ceiling of the building. 
The opening reception will feature a one night event where Gilberto Castillo, Jessica Angel's longest collaborator, will release a sound design album created exclusively for the installation. A special color lighting, displayed only at the opening night, will complement the piece, enhancing its immersive and sensorial qualities.
Prior to the reception, Jessica Angel will talk about her work and the concepts behind it, as she walks around the installation pointing at specific elements, describing its origins and the detailed references in her research. 

Friday, April 7, 5pm
Air in a Loop/ Chamber Music

In collaboration with UAB's College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Music and the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, Laura Usiskin curates the fifth Chamber Music concert at AEIVA. For this collaboration with Jessica Angel, Laura Usiskin shared the projects's proposal, concepts and inicial sketches with world premier composers, members of the Birmingham Arts and Music Alliance: Monroe Golden, Holland Hopson, Kyle McGucken and Tom Reiner. The performing musicians are from the UAB Department of Music as well as the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Opera. 
More info HERE

Playing First and Third Saturday of April, May, June and July. 3-5pm
Nearly an Object/ Sound Design by Gilberto Castillo

After 9 years of working with Jessica Angel, producing the sound design for her installations, Gilberto Castillo releases his album "Nearly an Object".  A structural sound-map composed of electronic sounds inspired by the elasticity of time and space, exclusively created to play at AEIVA for the installation "Facing the Hyperstructure"
This endeavor marks the affirmation of a long term collaborative relationship that culminates in the creation of a solid body of work in sound design.
The album will play inside the AEIVA lobby, Gallery One, Hess Family Lecture Hall and outdoors in the Jay Jemison III Art Plaza.
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Wednesday, April 12, 7-8pm
From Eye to Mind/ Panel Discussion

Neuroscientist Kristina Visscher, philosopher Marshall Abrams and artist Jessica Angel, gather to talk about how our brains process visual information from different perspectives.
The conversation will focus on the flexibility of our brains to manage visual perception using visual illusions as examples to show the ambiguous and diverse interpretations we can give to a single image. Analogies, associations, and previous experiences will be the subjects the panelists will discuss to understand what triggers our perception to give us a truthful sense of what we see.
View the panel discussion HERE

Thursday, May 11, 6:45pm
Brazil/ Movie Screening

This cult film by Terri Gilliam, had a great influence in Jessica Angel’s imagery in the early stages of her artistic practice. The conception of the city as a totalizing construct and the failure of the futuristic utopia into a technocratic dystopia, revealed how the spatiality provided by the urban arrangement of the city determined the social construction of its population.
This movie screening is the second of installment of a series of movies presented at AEIVA. Pizza, movie, and a tour will be part of the this event.
Read here Jessica Angel's review of Brazil and the underlying relationship with the movie to the concepts addresses in "Facing the Hyperstructure"

Thursday, June 8, 7-9pm
White Noise/ Projected Animation by Elisabeth Pellathy
Using the atrium ceiling as a projection screen, Elisabeth Pellathy will interact with the installation by creating a time-based piece. She proposes video as noise, video as abstracted imagery through signal, and animation as text. Video work was made with the Dave Jones modular analog video system​ at a Signal Culture ToolMaker Residency. Animation created to accompany video work discusses that which is hidden/revealed through noise. 
As her piece is projected on the ceiling, animations made by her students will be projected in other sections of the building.
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Thursday, June 8, 7-9pm
Absorption Lines/ Drawing Animation

In this conversation six animators reconstruct a drawing made by the artist Jessica Angel as an animation. Employing ideas of the reconceptualization of duration we rotoscope to build the drawing from ground up. Working as a team, each artist draws an amount of frames to relay to the next animator. Within the overarching reconstruction secondary stories emerge as the animators step out of timeline to reveal independent “wormholes” stories that relate to space, geometry, and movement.­ 
These animations are part of a project developed by UAB professor Elisabeth Pellathy's new media class student and it will be screened along Elisabeth's piece.
Participants: Keisha Chambers, Cheyenne Dawson, Noah Duffy, Kenyon Lair, Katie Lutz, and Amanda Morgado.